4th of July

So, I thought I’d post to this every day, or at least the day-of/day-after events happen.  I’m doing good to even get pics off of the camera during the same week that I take them.

Pics of 4th of July at my parents’ house:
Couldn’t ask for a cooler place for the grandkids to play.

Papa (my dad) and the kids

Playhouse with running water and air conditioner.

My brother and his little boy

Ooh, that look.


Popsicle in one hand, licking the batter in the other. Grandma's house.

Nostalgic Fisher Price toys from my childhood strewn all over the floor… all day every day.
4 bunk beds for all the cousins to sleep in.
The neighbors’ swimming pool.
Friends and family and movies and desserts and good food, and even singing hymns together while my uncle and sister-in-law play the violin and viola.
My family is the best.  I love that our kids get to be friends with their cousins.

I love that they love their grandparents house, and will grow up visiting there and learning from their DeeDee and Papa.
I love that I get to share my family with my hubby, and it warmed my heart when he said this weekend, “I want our future house to be like this… lots of people, and a place for us to host and share our home and our life with others.”


He’s pretty great for putting up with a large family like mine. 🙂


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