Blueberry Pickin’

Last year, my mother-in-law and I took our daughter to pick blueberries in Edom, near where we live.  She absolutely loved it, and was only 2 years old!  So, I decided to take her on a special date there again this year.  Since we have an 8-week old baby, we’ve been trying to do special things to make her feel special and not get jealous of the new little guy.  She loved it again…. And, it’s official.  We have a new summertime annual tradition.

The other fun part about the story is that my cousin, who just returned from a deployment to Afghanistan, just married the daughter of the blueberry “farmers” who own the farm where we went.  So they’re family now!  They are great.  And fresh blueberries are NOTHING like the ones you buy in the store.  Once you taste them, you’ll be hooked. Check out their place here.

Click on the photo. The colors look weird on the thumbnail. 🙂

Her basket on the left, mine on the right. She's 3.

Nothing cools those pink cheeks like blueberry ice cream.


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