Little Man is two months old.  It is flying by.  I have to keep telling myself to cherish every moment.  He’s huge already, and growing too fast for my little mommy heart to handle.

This week we got a UPS package at the door.  Addressed to my husband – he teaches students and takes them on a trip to Israel every year.  The package was from his American tour company, so I thought it was a study guide, or info packet or something. This is what we got instead: (the blanket, not the baby)

From the owner and his wife.  Handmade.  I’ve never even met her (or him for that matter). They live in Michigan.  Is that thoughtful, or what?  It’s the verse we’ve chosen for Little Man… she must have seen it on our blog, or Matt told him about it, or something, but there it was – embroidered on a beautiful blanket for him.

Call it customer service, or recruiting or whatever you want.  Thoughtful and generous. That’s what I say.  Thanks GTI.


One thought on “generosity

  1. You blog was forwarded to me from the girls at GTI. I am so happy your little man is enjoying the blanket. Every baby needs a soft cuddly blanket. My girls are 31 and 34 and they still have their baby blankets, but theirs were store bought. God bless you all.
    Tom and Linda Harrington

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