Little Lady’s 3rd birthday was this weekend.  I was going to try and convince her to do something girly – princesses, Cinderella, dolls, whatever, but there was no steering her away from her favorite movie.  Last year, Finding Nemo… this year, Cars.

A few snapshots from the party.  Year 3, we do the same thing every year.  Lunch, cake and swimming.  What else can you do in July in Texas when it’s 100 degrees outside? Maybe when the kids are old enough to understand the difference, we’ll change it up.

My second attempt at fondant icing.

Not adventurous enough to try the slip ‘n’ slide the “right” way, but she loves to run down to the end, splash in the puddle at the end, and say “I did it!”

She also has an obsession with carrying her “guys” around with her… everywhere. (“Can I take my guys?”)  Water toys, McDonald’s toys, figurines…  Still working on sharing.  🙂

Two of her best buds are just her age… little guy is 2 weeks older and little girly is 4 weeks older.
The 3 Amigos.
This is a momentous event… all three sitting still together long enough for a picture.

She’s growing into such a little lady, and we couldn’t ask for more in a daughter!
Happy 3rd Birthday sweetie!


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