spicy decorating

I have this spice rack.  I got it for a wedding gift 9 years ago (thanks, Danielle!).

I love it, except for the fact that I never had a good way to label them.  I love that they are not pre-labeled with spices that I never use: arrowroot, celery seed, tarragon. (nothing against these, I just don’t use them.)

My first labeling “system” was handwritten with a Sharpie. (see “Mustard”)
Next I went with a labeling machine.  Great, but they start to peel off after a while. (see “Cinnamon”)  It’s great that I can customize mine, but I was sick of looking at this… 

So now… this!

Want to know how I did it?  Be prepare to be amazed.
Paper, inkjet printer and clear packing tape.

I used clear packing tape to cover the paper and wrap all the way around the spice jar.

That’s all.  We’ll see how the packing tape holds up, but it certainly is happier to look at than my first 2 attempts.  Here’s the file I used, so here’s hoping you like/use the same spices I do.


Update:  Thanks to my friend, Stephanie, for sending me pics of the spice jar labels on her set!  Glad someone else could use them.  


2 thoughts on “spicy decorating

  1. So smart! I just printed them off and I’m going to label my jars. I also need something that says.. Chicken Seasoning, Italian Seasoning etc… for those McCormick ones that have like everything mixed together.

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