Anyone else’s life look like this sometimes?
8:03pm – laundry everywhere
(this is after I’ve already folded and put away a load or two)

8:14pm – luckily, when I’m in the mood, it doesn’t take long

8:15pm – I realize I don’t have enough room for all my t-shirts. (see small pile above)
I have a lot of them. 

Justified because my husband works at a camp.
But maybe they don’t fit in my closet because I have t-shirts like this one… 

From a youth retreat.
Customized back with a nickname and number.
I chose 23 cause that’s how old I was when I made it.
I’m not 23 anymore.
I’m not IN my 20’s anymore.
So maybe I should get rid of a few tees.

8:35pm – make a blog post.
Followed by this (finally!).  Any other moms find it hard to find time for this? 

Then followed by this… ahhh.

If you don’t live in Texas, we feel sorry for you.  Come visit sometime.  The Blue Bell alone is worth it.


3 thoughts on “laundry

  1. I was shocked to find we have Bluebell right next door here in Colorado! “How did it get here?” I thought to myself. Must be really popular! : )

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