We went to Austin this weekend.  Hubby was speaking at a retreat for college students, so we decided to go along and stay at the camp with him. *Remember, Darcie, it’s 100+ degrees outside and you have a 3-month old who doesn’t sleep through the night yet.*

I didn’t get a lot of pictures of the activities from weekend because I was busy wrangling the kiddos, but I got pictures in between, when they were doing this:  

That also meant doing a lot of this:
(Shhh, your brother is sleeping… in the same room with us.) 

One afternoon we did leave camp to meet a friend.  There was a splash pad there (didn’t know that ahead of time)  Luckily, Becca had a beach towel and we had to make do with the clothes (or lack thereof) that we had.

Then we had ice cream.  Mexican Vanilla on her recommendation.  Oh, yum. 

And we are glad to be home.  Next time I’ll go to my parents’ house while hubby is out of town… or I’ll just stay home. 🙂



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