grocery shopping

I like going grocery shopping… if I’m by myself.
And I have all the time I want.
And I know what I’m getting.
And I’ve planned ahead.

Enter: My Grocery List.  

I love this thing.  I used to print them on paper and make my own notepad of them. (stapled and magnet on the back)  Now I’m trying something new – I covered it with contact paper and I’m using dry-erase markers to mark on it.  So far, they erase pretty well with a finger/paper towel/a little dab of water.

I love it because I always have it handy on the fridge.  If I run out of an item, I immediately mark it on there so I don’t have to remember it 4 days later when I’m on my way out the door.  And I grab my list, marker, grocery circulars and cookbooks and sit down to plan meals, so I can mark right on my list as I plan.

I think I’ll tweak it some more, but for now, I’m just doing a trial on the dry-erase thing.  The main issue: make sure to not rub off the marked items on the way to the store!  Here’s the list if you want to try it:

Grocery List

What about you?  How do you like to plan for grocery trips?  And, what is your fridge door like – are you a “clean & simple” person, or do you like having photos/kid art collages on the door of your fridge?


3 thoughts on “grocery shopping

  1. Darcie! I’m so glad you posted this. I have actually been meaning to email you asking for you to send me your grocery list. It is so useful! Miss you!

  2. I LOVE this grocery list… it really does make my shopping go faster… which make me happier.
    Fridge doors? Usually I’m a fan of having them really clean and organized. but once upon a time in college my roommates and I kept a bizarre assortment of pictures, magazine clippings and save -the-dates on our fridge. Now, this picture is one of my favorite memories of what it was like living with those women!

  3. My mom did the same thing! When we got older, she let us give our input, too. We could pick cereal, snacks, etc. It was all on the list, though, so she had already approved everything we picked. Great ideas!

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