So, in the spirit of the Grocery List from the last post, and as I find myself planning ahead to pack up 2 kids to head out of town for the second time in a few weeks, I’ve created a Packing List.

Taking kids along makes it so much harder to try and remember everything, especially with babies.  Adapting the adult-human world to small people requires a lot of equipment: smaller beds, smaller chairs, smaller tubs, smaller spoons, smaller vehicles (aka – strollers), etc…

Before I make one more list on a small scrap of random paper with a crayon, I thought I’d just adapt the grocery list to be a packing list.  Now I can print it off and mark it off!  And I won’t have to wrack my brain thinking of all the things we need because they’re already listed.  Let me know if you have some big items I’m missing and I’ll update the list.  Happy Packing!

Get the high-quality digital file here… PackingList


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