candle sleeves

I’ve been saving this corrugated cardboard for months… maybe longer, much to the dismay of my hubby. (the piece shown here is only a part of my stash)  I had this project in mind when I saved it – it came as packing material in the box of a piece of furniture we ordered. (And yes, my desk is messy.  I clean it off several times a week, but it doesn’t matter…)

Remember the spice jar labels?  Well… never use a design for just one thing!

I made these for the 12 (girl) students that hubby has in his program.  Didn’t think the 12 guys would appreciate them as much.  🙂

So easy to make…
• Cut cardboard to size & hot glue around candle
• Cut twine and wrap around 2-3 times. Hot glue around the cardboard, making ends meet in the same place.
• Print fun labels with a word or initial or just a design. I printed mine on some old watercolor paper I had. Cut out & hot glue on top of twine.



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