meal swap

We’re new at this, but the neighbors and I decided to try a meal swap. (we know each other and all work (or hubbies work) at the same place… yes, we’re like a commune)  I love cooking ahead anyway – you only wash pots and pans once, don’t have to think of what to have each day cause it’s already in your freezer, etc etc – but I’ve never tried this.

Here’s our method.  I’m sure there are better ones out there, so feel free to comment!

Each of us cooked 4 recipes, and made 3 pans of each. 1 to keep and 2 to give away. This means that after we swap, we’ll have 12 meals in the freezer (each serves about 4 people).  We decided on 4 categories: Italian, Mexican, Soup and Wild Card (whatever you want). Each person made a recipe from each category. If you consider that we probably eat at home 3-4 nights a week, and then eat leftovers every once in a while, these should last us a month!  Crazy.

I’m hoping it works.
And saves us money.
And time.
And we won’t get sick of making/eating the same thing over and over.
Already excited about trying some new things!

And laughing that all 3 of us posted our pics on Facebook.  We’re really excited!

Here are the meals we ended up with.
Plus Chicken Pot Pie and Chicken Tortilla Bake… guess I forgot to write those before I took the photo.
(I already had spaghetti and hamburgers in the freezer)…

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