cabinet door chalkboard

We bought a small cabinet and hutch this year.
I love it, but when it arrived, one of the cabinet doors had a splotch of the glaze/sealer on the front.  Almost unnoticeable, but I could see it, and I knew it would bother me every time I saw it. (See it there at the top, middle?)

Called them and asked that they send another one – got it delivered for free that week!

So, there I was with a random cabinet door, too fun to just throw away, so it sat in the corner of the kitchen for about 3 months. (sorry Matt)  I couldn’t decide what to do with it: Photo board? Make into a corkboard?… finally settled on this, and I love it. 

I had a leftover knob from refinishing our daughter’s dresser and nightstand, sanded off the “blob” and painted with chalkboard paint.  Voila!  Our new menu board.  Currently, I keep a list on it of all the meals that are in the freezer.  (see meal swap.) 

I love chalkboard paint!  Used to think it was silly.  Now, this is the third project I’ve done with it.  (see also potty training.)  It’s so cheap!  One tube has done all of my projects, and it was about $4.  What projects have you done with chalkboard paint?


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