mommy & daughter aprons

Little Girl loves to be a helper in the kitchen so it was time for us to get some aprons.  That, plus the fact that the only apron I own is one that I sewed for my mom when I was in high school (YEARS ago) and it’s barn fabric with barn animals on it.  Yes, time for a new one.

I got these supplies at Hobby Lobby.  I think $5 for my apron and $3 for hers (kid sized), plus $5 for a set of 10 fabric markers.  I think if I did it again I’d use fabric paint for quality, but this was certainly cheaper.

I found some clipart online that I liked, arranged and printed out, and did the old elementary school trick for making your own carbon paper:  scribble the whole back of the paper with a pencil, then trace from the front to transfer it to the apron.

Professional, I know.

Then, color with fabric markers, and you’re almost done!  These markers said to either iron from the back of the fabric to heat-set them, or put in the dryer for 30 minutes on high heat.

Since I… uh hem… have ironed only once or twice in the last YEAR, I decided to do the dryer option.  Ta Da!

See our aprons in use on the next post!


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