chalkboard trays

I love to entertain and host.  We have a counter/bar in our kitchen where we often serve our snacks and desserts, so I thought I’d add a fun way to welcome people into our home and label what we were serving.

I got these trays at Hobby Lobby for $1.49 a piece.  The chalkboard paint was leftover from another project, but only $4 at Walmart, and I’ve done at least 4 projects with this bottle alone.

Step 1: Painting
First, I painted the chalkboard paint on the inside. (follow instructions on bottle)
Then painted a white/off-white color around the edges. (bottom tray in photo)
Step 2: Sanding
Next, I sanded off some corners and edges to antique it a little. (top tray in photo)

Step 3: More antiquing
I’ve had this can of waterproofing/weather sealer forever.  I use it all the time – it seals and has a natural tint to it, so it adds a little color.  Rub it liberally over the paint with an old sock or rag, then wipe off the excess, leaving a little color to “yellow” the paint. (bottom tray in photo is only sanded, top tray is sanded and rubbed with stain.) 

Et voila!  Ready to welcome guests and serve up some fun desserts!


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