costumes: part 2

I list this under the category of “Being a Wife” because I am convincing my husband to wear a costume with me and the kids this year.  It’s more because I want a family picture than because I want to take the kids trick-or-treating or to some Halloween party.

I just like dressing up.
And dressing kids up is even more fun.

Our daughter doesn’t even know who Dorothy is from the Wizard of Oz (she’s 3), but it makes for a good four-some of costumes.  I’ll be the scarecrow.  She’s Dorothy.  Little Guy is the lion.  And that leaves Daddy with the Tin Man.

Here’s the easy way to make his costume:
Silver posterboard… who knew?  I was prepared to buy white and spray paint it with silver, but they had two-sided (gold/silver) posterboard.  $1.19 per sheet instead of $0.59, but it saved me from buying the paint!

First, I cut the ends off some thumbtacks and pressed them into the posterboard where I wanted them.

I used some aluminum tape that we had leftover from taping our dryer vent pipe in the attic.  Works great!  Duct tape would work well too, but I liked the way this looked over the thumbtacks.

All we have left is to roll the body of the suit in a circle, tape the back, and cut arm holes out for daddy.

Family pics to come soon!


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