baby food

I make my own baby food.
I mean, not for me… for the baby.
Sometimes.  When I have time. 🙂
Little man has starting eating it.  He will basically eat anything you put in his face.

It it SO much cheaper, and SO easy.

This time was carrots and sweet potatoes.

I do mine in the simplest ways I can think of:
Carrots – peel, cut into small chunks, boil on the stove until mushy. Strain, saving the water they were cooked in.  Put carrots in the blender.  Blend until smooth, adding saved water to thin out.
Sweet Potatoes – Peel, cut into small chunks, wrap in foil with 1/4 cup of water inside foil. (I did 2 huge potatoes, 1 in each foil pouch)  Bake at 350 for about an hour.  Put in blender, blend until smooth with leftover water from baking.
(I’ve heard that you lose some nutrients to the water when you boil or cook in water, so I just make sure to save it to add back in when thinning out.  There could be a better way – steaming green veggies is good, I’ve heard.)

Put in ice cube trays and freeze.  When frozen, pop them out and put in plastic baggies back in the freezer so you can reuse your trays.  Take out 1 cube at a time and thaw at room temp or microwave a few seconds at a time until thawed.

So easy!  Sometimes I splurge and buy store bought baby food when it’s more convenient, and when it’s something that I can’t easily make myself.  I did discover with our first kid that some things are not worth making yourself – I can get a huge jar of applesauce at Sam’s for cheap, and that many apples would cost more than the jar.  Also, bananas aren’t usually worth mashing, cubing and freezing (unless they are going bad) because you can quickly mash them the day you want to use them.  Same with avocados.

So there you go.
Do any of you make your own baby food?  Any good quick tips or recipes for mixes?


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