So… I took pictures of us painting pumpkins for Halloween, and playing dress-up in the living room, and our daughter washing dishes for me in the kitchen, and probably 100 other things.

And none of them are on this blog. Sad.
It’s been busy.

I was out of town last week.  So was hubby.  To two different places.
I took pictures but didn’t post them.  Maybe someday.

This weekend hubby is officiating a wedding of one of his former students.
Next week is Thanksgiving.
I have a big graphics project going.
And a 6-month old that is just starting to sleep through the night consistently. (yay)
And a 3-year old that is SO cute a lot of times, but throwing temper tantrums the other times. (not yay)

There you have it.
I think it will slow down just a little bit…
… but I always think that.

Next week we hope to start on this:

Customized and lofted up, with a ladder and slide.
So that might mean it won’t slow down for a while. 🙂
Oh well!


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