I am a grown up.  My sister-in-law says so.
Because she said the first one of us to host Thanksgiving at our house would make it so.
So I lose.  Or win.  Whichever way you look at it.

I certainly like not having to travel with 2 small kids.
And I think cooking a turkey is worth that.   It was my first turkey “alone.”
My mother-in-law helped, but still I’ll count it as my first. 

I’m also grown up because we served the meal on our CHINA.
You know, the kind from our wedding registry.
That my husband made fun of and said we’d never use.
He’s partially right.  Our 9th anniversary is coming up and I’ve used it… 3 times? 

But I’m partially right too, because I told him I’d started using it way down the road when we had a family and I was grown up and having meals at my house.  And voila!  Here we are. 

We had a great week of rest, play, eating and projects. (pictures coming soon!..)
(And by the way, that apple pie in the background.. Best. Ever.  Thanks mom.  I can’t even share the recipe or I’d have to kill you.  Okay, maybe not.)

Do you have any unusual traditions or foods that you have at Thanksgiving?


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