This is my to-do list for the week.

This is our dog, Cinco.

Apparently, I should have done the thing on my list that I circled and *arrowed* here, because this is what I found when I got home from Bible study yesterday. 

I left you inside to be nice to you because it was so cold outside.
Thanks, puppy.
No… not puppy. 4 years old.  Which is 28 in people years, so you should be responsible now.

Maybe I can teach him to take the trash out for me.


2 thoughts on “oops

  1. Cinco is such a cutie and I love that name! That is the exact reason why my dogs will never be inside the house by themselves. We tried it when we first got them and they destroyed books and DVDs.

    • Breeanna – Thanks for commenting! Is that a German Shepherd you have? Those are my favorite! Ours is a German long-haired pointer, and the name Cinco comes from the fact that he was a 5th anniversary present from my hubby. I thought he was past the point of tearing things apart, but apparently 2 hours inside alone is too much!

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