a day in the life

Thank you thank you, dear friend Charis for keeping the little guy while I ran errands!  It would have been killer with 2 kids.  This is why…

At Home
Take little guy next door so neighbor can watch him.  Return home.
“Hey sweetie, still eating breakfast?”
“Yep.  And I pooped in my pants.”

Clean up. Go to Sam’s.
Checked at customer service beforehand to make sure membership was still current.
“Yes, it’s good til Dec. 3rd then we’ll renew it for you.” (through my hubby’s work)
Got groceries. Go to checkout line.
“Uh, your card doesn’t work.  You’ll have to go to customer service.”
“Did that already.”
Go to customer service.  They check it.  Not good anymore.  Give me a new card.
I watch her try to put my old card in the shredder, doesn’t fit very well.  She gives up.
Check out, leave the store.  Go to Sam’s gas pump.
“Card not recognized.” Oh, maybe it’s not activated yet?  Try again.  Nope.
Oh well, I’ll get gas somewhere else.
Get in car, drive to Walmart.  Realize I left my grocery list at Sam’s. (a cool dry erase, handmade one… oh well, someone will find a cool treat in their shopping cart)
Stop at Sonic, get drink for me and little girl.
Make new grocery list from memory.
Go in Walmart.
Realize I left my newspaper ads in the car. (they price match other people’s ads. oh well.)
She punches a hole in her Sonic cup with the straw.  Red cherry juice dripping.
Continue shopping while holding her cup in my hand, with my thumb in the hole so it won’t drip.
Find trash can, throw away cup.
Find my Sam’s card in my pocket.
“Hmm, this looks like my old photo.”  Check wallet.  New Sam’s card is in wallet, old one was in pocket.  No wonder it didn’t work at the gas pump.  Didn’t I watch her try to shred it?  How did I end up with it in my pocket again?
Finish grocery shopping.  Check out. Head to Target.
Go in to get baby formula.
Phew, get formula. (and a couple things from the dollar aisle)
Forget it, I’m not stopping for gas.  I’ll do it later.
Get home. Pick up little guy next door.  Get girly some lunch.
Unload groceries.
Forgot to buy milk, butter and eggs – what I needed most. (lost my list back at Sam’s, hence…)

It’s okay.  Now I can go get gas when I pick up the milk, butter and eggs!



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