gingerbread houses

Growing up, we made gingerbread houses in our home.
Back before they had the “buy-in-a-box pre-made, all-supplies-included” kits.

The real deal.  My mom made the gingerbread from scratch.
And the frosting from scratch.
She saved newspaper articles, magazine clippings, stories, and photos of gingerbread houses every time she saw them. 10 years worth of archives.

I probably haven’t made one in over 10 years, probably 15.
It was about time.
I asked her for the recipe.  She gave me a 10-gallon tub of supplies.

This was me back then. Yes, I still made them when I was in high school.
(AND I helped the smaller kids, so it’s justified, right?)
My guess on these pics is 1996.

And this is now…

There’s mom’s recipe that she got from a magazine, and the notebook of paper clippings.

And her original template for the roof of the house – cut out of a manila filing folder and “greased” so it wouldn’t stick.

These will be my original addition: gingerbread girls to live in the houses. 🙂
And the best part…
… today we continued the tradition.  With 3-year olds.

Okay, so I helped her with hers.  I couldn’t resist.  She was more interested in eating the candy anyway.

I was in my element.  I loved it.  I knew the right consistency for the frosting to make it stick together.  I knew how to make gingerbread from scratch.

Thanks, mom.  Thanks for teaching me things.
Useful things and things that are just for fun.
And some that are both.


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