christmas favorites

Just a few from last week.
Kids make Christmas fun.
That’s why there are lots of pictures of them and not a lot of us. 🙂

Me with little man.  He looks like a toddler in this one.  Growing up too fast!

My two favorite boys again.  Man, they are cute.

Blowing bubbles outside and she tackled him. That smile gets me every time.

Baby’s first Christmas.  I think he’s getting the hang of this “opening presents” thing.
Cute, but we both agree she looks like a porcelain doll figurine.  Hubby says to shrink her down in Photoshop and clone her onto the tree as a Hallmark ornament.
One of my favorite shots from this week… All three of my brothers in ‘one’ place.  FaceTime on the iPad with my oldest brother who is deployed (Air Force pilot) to the Middle East.  We missed you, Rich!
And my absolute favorite, cause… who can resist this face?

Until next year!


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