… life got busy.
I can’t imagine how I had more time to blog when little man was a newborn.  I guess he slept a lot.

Now, I look around, and it seems like I’m behind on everything.  Want to know what’s on the floor/desk/couch in my living room?…

5 baby toys
my camera
2 empty baby bottles (not washed yet)
a bottle of children’s Benadryl
my water mug
empty dishes
my purse
my other purse
someone’s water bottle
a pacifier
an empty ziploc bag
top of a cardboard box
box full of VHS tapes
my dress shoes
3 pillows

That’s just the stuff I can see from where I’m sitting.   Sorry babe!  I’ll clean it up someday.

Random pictures…
Little girl, helping me get shredded.  Thanks, Jillian, for the home workout.

Biased.  I think he’s the cutest baby I know.Don’t you agree now?  Happy 8 month birthday, little man.


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