crayon craft

We have an abundance of random crayons at our house.  Some purchased, some given to us, some picked up from restaurants when we’re out with the kids.

And you know with kids, they end up with the paper ripped off and broken into pieces.
Here’s what we do with ours when they end up that way!

Crayons (broken or not)
Silicone baking pan
Oven at 350 degrees

 This is the hardest part (besides cleanup).  Tear the paper off of your crayons.  I organize them in the pan by what brand they are, or what restaurant they’re from.  It seems to work better when you don’t mix types/brands of crayons.  Sometimes the waxes are different and they don’t stick together well when melted.

Break up the crayons into pieces.  You can do them with similar colors in each one, or mix them for a swirly crayon. (My favorite!)

Bake at 350 degrees for about 10-12 minutes.  You can tell here that the different brands will melt at different rates.  Keep cooking until they’re all melted.  Pull them out of the oven, and give them time to cool and harden.

Once they’re hardened, pop them out of the silicone baking pan and use!  I’ve done heart-shaped and dome-shaped.  I think anything would work.  And kids love to watch them melt in the oven! (adults too) 🙂

The other tough part is cleaning out the crayon remnants at the end.  Best solution I’ve found so far – water and scratching it out with your fingernail.  Then run the pan through the dishwasher.  You might want to dedicate a certain pan just to crayon crafts, but I have done this and washed them, and then used them for baking again.



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