i love kids

Sweetie girl:  I saw you in your wedding dress today, mom.
Me: Oh yeah?  In the picture book?
S: Yep.
Me: Would you like to wear that dress someday?
S: Sure!  I used to be a mom.  (“used to be a…” is the latest phrase, and wedding dress = mom somehow)
Me: You did? Did you know that you get to be a flower girl in a wedding soon?
S: Yeah.
Me:  Do you know what a flower girl does?!  All the people sit in the church, and you get to wear a beautiful dress…
S: Your dress?
Me: Sure (smile)… if you want to… and you walk down the aisle with a basket of flowers, and you get to throw the flowers while you walk.
S: I don’t want to be a flower girl.  I just want to be a mom.

Me too, sweetie.  Me too. 🙂


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