how to be a good wife

A friend of mine got a copy of this at a Bachelorette party, accompanied by a Q&A game based on the article.  I just had to borrow it; then I found it online. (seen here)  I researched and no one really knows if it’s authentic; I can personally tell it’s been tampered with… however, my friend said, “That would make an awesome blog post… to do all those things for your hubby and write about it.”

Since she’s not married (yet… 7 months!), I decided I should take on the task – authentic or not.  Let’s just see how hard it is to be “a good wife.”  So, at some future date, you’ll see my post on how I tried to live up to this list for one day, one evening, for my hubby.

So babe, get ready.  When you come home and I have a ribbon in my hair, you’ll know…


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