Some friends came over for girls’ night while hubby was out of town.
When he’s gone it = girly movie + (usually) some snack we probably shouldn’t eat.
This time it was Blue Bell Happy Tracks ice cream.

And we chose Pride & Prejudice as the our movie of the night.
Now, because all 4 of us have probably seen it a dozen times,
we talked while we watched.  (also what girls do)
And we decided to compile a list of romantic movie moments.

So, here you go gentlemen.  What is attractive to ladies?
(this was a mixed crowd of married and single)
In no particular order…

The “I’m confident enough to ask you again because I love you” guy.
(and I am wearing an awesome flowing coat… and I say “I love… love… love you.”)

The “I know you so well, and I’m thoughtful.
I got you a bike because it’s what you would want,” guy.The “I will protect everyone, even little hobbits,” guy.The “I’ll search the world for you cause you’re worth it,” guy.The “Have you met my wife?” guy.
(guys, when you get to that point, “wife” is such a good word.)The “I’m a fox (literally) and I’m still attractive” guy.
(and I have a British accent – that doesn’t hurt)The “I’m the boy next door and I’ll take care of you,” guy.The “I can seriously take care of business (and still have a gentle side),” guy.The “Will you marry into my crazy family, even though you were
in love with my brother first?” guy.

Other movies/romantic moments mentioned:
The Holiday
Knight’s Tale
Sweet Home Alabama
10 Things I Hate About You
(Confession, I haven’t seen most of those, so I can’t remember which scene makes the list.) 

Sorry Leo and Tom, you didn’t even get mentioned at our girls’ night.
Maybe you should step up your game.
We know there are tons more… we had to stop ourselves.
(What is your top romantic movie moment and why?)

And by the way, read this previous post to know my romantic “movie” moment from this year.
My leading man is the best. 🙂


4 thoughts on “romantic

  1. one of mine is mr knightly… the big brother, best-friend type who through his guidance tries to help emma become a better woman. then he realizes what a treasure she is and falls deeply in love with her and will do anything necessary to secure her happiness… even giving up his home estate for a time to move in and help take care of her father. a man of sacrifice.

    another… edward from sense and sensability… stayed true to his promise regardless of his feelings. a man of honor.

    lastly… john thornton from north and south… he’s a stubborn, hard, business man with a soft heart for his mother… he has risen from poverty to become successful to take care of his mother. he meets margaret who thinks she’s more than she is… through time he lays down his pride and tries to get to know her for who she is. a man of humility.

  2. Love it, Darcie! 🙂 I agree with Emily – you win! I look forward to our next night and the “wisdom” that will come out of it! HA!

  3. Man, this is so awesome. I agree with Emily- this turned out way better than I thought it would!! 😀

    A few of my additional faves:

    Christian in “Moulin Rouge” – A guy crazy in love with his girl, creative, and he sings, PLUS he lights up Paris. With his voice. DONE.

    Rhodes in “Bridesmaids” – Playful, nice, hilarious, sweet, normal dude. Buys baking supplies for her. Cutely teaches her how to use a radar gun. Eats baby carrots on the hood of a car with her. I DIE.

    Ben in “Fever Pitch” – Funny, takes care of her when she’s sick, quick witted, does impressions of JIMMY STEWART, and just has FUN! Fun is good. 🙂

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