craft getaway!

This weekend was our (first of many, hopefully) Craft Getaway weekend.  I will not claim that this was my idea.  I follow this blog and they do it all the time.  I know not everyone can fit at her house, or afford to fly there, or whatever, so we started thinking, “What if we just did our own?”

It was a BLAST.  No kids, no men (except my dad, and he’s allowed… We stayed at their house.), not much cooking, eating out, desserts, snacks and LOTS of chatting and crafting!  We ate dinner out then arrived at my folks’ house.  About 20 minutes later, the HUGE dining room table was covered in craft stuff.  Like our baskets and tubs just threw up crafting supplies everywhere.  And it stayed a mess til we left.  And it was perfect. 

Crafted Friday night, watched a girly movie, and my dad came in around 11pm with homemade cinnamon rolls.  “I’ll just lay these right here… you don’t have to eat them.”  GONE.  Ate them again for breakfast.

Saturday we crafted until lunch and ate at La Madeleine (love.) on the way to antique and thrift the afternoon away.  So fun, except that it was freezing and pouring down rain. And instead of completing our crafts, we bought more stuff for more projects!

Got home and mom and dad had cooked a fabulous steak dinner for us.  (LOVE them.)  On the way home on Sunday the girls were saying, “That dinner was so great!”  That night we crafted on the floor in front of the fireplace while watching another girly movie and eating dessert. (one of my favorite pictures from the whole weekend – dessert, stack of movies, craft supplies…)

Sunday morning… ate a late breakfast, packed up the car, got all set, hopped in the car and… nothing.  Dead battery.  Proud of our wo”manly” skills, jump-started the car and were on our way!  What a way to end a perfect weekend.

I can’t wait to do it again.  I met a new friend, got reacquainted with an old high school friend, and spent time with already cherished friends, again saw how awesome my parents are at making anyone feel welcome in their home and in their presence, got recharged and refreshed – ready to return to two little kids at home and love on them, and got to indulge in one of my fun passions – the art of creating.

Thank you to my sweet, awesome, amazing hubby for taking care of the kids for the weekend so I could totally enjoy myself guilt-free.  I love you!  Tag – your turn. 🙂

And hey… if you live close and you want to know the details for the next Craft Getaway weekend, leave me a comment.  I’ll include you on all the future communication!


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