cake stand

So, one of our crafts at the Craft Getaway was to make cake stands. This was after we went to the thrift store and got sucked into buying the pieces to make them… then we had to stop by Hobby Lobby to get more supplies. 🙂

But I love the results!  Here’s how to make them… so easy!

Find a ceramic plate that you like – thrift stores are great.  I think mine was $1.91.  Then find a candle stand/holder – mine was $1.41.  We did it with 2 ceramic bases, and the other one had a wooden base.  Anything would work.

Then get some epoxy glue – Hobby Lobby for about $4.  It looks like this – you squeeze the tube and the two sides mix together. (btw, it stinks)  Since we made 3 stands, it ended up costing us about $1 each for glue, so my cake stand was only about $4-5.  We found the best way was to squeeze the epoxy onto a plate and stir it together, then we used a small piece of cardboard to wipe the mixed epoxy on both surfaces – the candle stand and the bottom of the plate.  Follow the instructions on the epoxy (let stand for a few minutes) then stick the pieces together and dry overnight.

On mine, the plate was off-white and the candle stand was a little-brighter-white, so I wrapped some twine around the base to hide it a little.  Worked great!  And I think I could wrap ribbon on there to match each occasion.

Voila!  So simple.  $4-5.  And I have a feeling I’m going to use it for cookies more often than cakes.


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