things to do with old jeans

My hubby works at a camp.
Camp = lots of kids = lots of lost & found items.

After a certain time period, lost & found = donated or thrown away, so I asked them to save pairs of jeans to do a craft I saw somewhere.

Jean Pocket Utensil Holders (for a place setting)
Cut out back pockets of the jeans, with a little extra above the top of the pocket.  Fold and sew to make a finished edge along the top.  Insert utensils!  Cute with a red bandana napkin.

So cute!  Only problem was, this left me with a trash bag full of jeans that were missing the whole backside. 🙂

So, here are a few of the other ideas for using up the leftover pieces…

Seam Coasters
Cut out the seams along the sides of the pants legs.  Glue in a spiral with fabric glue.  Voila!  Denim coasters.I gotta get a crafting space instead of using the computer desk.  Someday in the dream home, or I’ll build myself a workspace out in the garage. (Hubby bought me a table saw for our anniversary one year.  Yes, it was for me.)

Woven Door Mat
Or bath mat…  Cut strips out of the legs of the jeans (save the seams for the coasters).  Basket-weave them together.  When you have the size you want, split each strip at the ends by cutting down the middle, making two skinnier strips (4-5″ long).  Tie the left strip of one to the right strip of the next piece over, making a knot and holding it all together.  Continue all the way around.

Pant leg Tote
So easy.  Cut off the bottom of the pants, about 10″ up from the bottom.  Fold inside out.  Sew the unseamed end together.  Turn right-side out.  Make an arm strap using whatever material you like.  I actually bought this quilted looking bedskirt at a thrift shop for 99 cents.  I cut it in strips and made a strap and some flowers for embellishment.  Jeans = free.  Strap and flowers = maybe 10 cents.  And that was only using one pant leg.
Other ideas (that I haven’t created… yet):
• Jean skirt for daughter – using 2-4 pant leg pieces quilted together?
• Baby doll clothes for her dolls – vest, headbands, pants
• Full size denim quilt – just cut squares and sew in a checkerboard pattern.  Great for picnic blankets – they’re so durable!

I have yet to find a good way to use the buttons and zippers from jeans.  The zippers seemed too short to make zipper-flowers, and I don’t know how to take apart the button and reuse it… any ideas?  Other than that, I’m getting down to scraps on most of the pairs of jeans, which makes me happy.  Recycle, reuse!  It’s been so fun, and my hubby has been so patient with the huge trash bag of torn up jeans in our bedroom. 🙂  Thanks, sweetie!


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