Remember the table saw that my hubby bought for me?
And that I love projects?
And that we’re always looking for something to do together because our hobbies are not the same? (except scuba diving, but that’s hard to do in East Texas)

I was looking online a couple of years ago at some playhouse plans, and he came up behind me and said, “Whatcha doin?”
“Oh, just looking at playhouse ideas for the backyard.”
“Cool.  That would be a fun project to do together sometime.”
Sometime.  Yes.  And I never forgot that he said that.
Playsets are expensive, if you want a cool one.  And I didn’t really want one with all the swings and other parts that could break, and we wanted something we could fit inside to play with our kids.  So I ordered these plans to build one. (A nice little 4x6ft house with a porch, on the ground)  Here’s how we progressed from that design to what we have…

Hubby:  “But I don’t want it on the ground.  I want something up higher, like a fort.  For little boys to play in.”
Sounds great, let’s loft it up.
Hubby: “And I want it to be at least 7ft wide.”
Me:  “Do you mean tall, so you can stand in it with them?”
Hubby: “No, I mean wide so I can lay down in it when we have campouts and sleep in there.”
Me: *sigh* So sweet.  “Okay, we’ll design it to be 7ft by 6ft.”
Carpenter from hubby’s work: “It’d be easier if you build it to the specs of lumber, like 8ft or 12ft so you don’t have to cut a lot of boards.”
Us: “Okay.”

So now it’s an 8x8ft house on a 12x12ft platform.  It did not start out that huge.  But it’s awesome.  For the same money as this (or less), we built this…And my personal favorites from earlier in the building process…


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