Back from the retreat and into the swing of things again.  Here are a few shots from the weekend… all taken with my phone cause who has time to pull out a real camera at a RETREAT?

This is where we were all weekend.  My husband likes to call it his “office.”  Not a bad place to work, and even better as a getaway.  This is what I did during free time.  Yes, I use a grocery coupon as a bookmark.They also had a table for making crafts – I made a greeting card.  That’s as far as I got. 🙂 Then I went back to reading.  (P.S. If your women’s ministry at church ever needs a Bible study curriculum, I have one for you!  It’s called The Amazing Collection.)They had great speakers and of course, the hilarious skits that Pine Cove puts on.  This was a dance-off between the yellow team and orange team.  It ended that night with a late night dance for the moms.  Speaking of hilarious…  (a little MC Hammer, Bon Jovi and over 200 women who don’t get to cut loose that often.  Enough said.)

That’s the visual from the weekend.  Soon I’ll post what I learned there, which actually coordinated with something I learned in Bible study.  Isn’t that nice?


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