the “old” testament

For the past (almost) 2 years, I’ve been doing a ladies Bible study at church. (I mentioned it  briefly here.)   The basic structure is you study, discuss & watch a video on a book of the Bible per week.  Fast-paced when you have two little kids underfoot and not a lot of quiet time during the day.

It has taken us over 1 1/2 years to move through the Old Testament into the New.  I don’t know why I haven’t done a study like this sooner.  Churches seem to focus on the New Testament more often, and I understand why – That’s where Jesus “is,” and He’s what makes Christianity different from other religions – however, if we neglect what is written before Jesus physically arrives on the scene, we are missing something.

We are missing a lot
… the whole left-hand side!
We are missing pages and pages of Jesus, even though He’s not walking on the earth on human feet.

I’ve been thinking about it more as we lead up to Easter.  Without the Old Testament, we miss the big picture, and what I’ve learned even more in-depth this year… we miss the need for a Savior, and the ever-sweeter-arrival of Him when He appears in the right-hand side.

I know after 20+ years that I was still missing some of it.  I encourage you to take a dive into the “Old” Testament, and look at it in a new way!


2 thoughts on “the “old” testament

  1. I just stumbled on this. I love Darcie thoughts and crafts and meal plans and graphic and baby books the size of you. Miss you Lantzers!

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