camp life

I’ve mentioned (many times) that my hubby works at a camp.
We love life out here.  We both came from larger cities before this, and I can honestly say, it will be hard to go back!

He leads a program of college-age students, and their time with us includes lots of classes and trips.  We got to accompany them as a family on one of their trips, and here’s a snapshot.  You just can’t beat camp life!

She fell in love with Pickleball.  If you haven’t played… it’s a blast!  Think tennis, on top of a ping pong table.
Her favorite Pickleball partner – Daddy!Then we got to play at the splash pad.  Little guy had his first experience with it.  While she is TOTALLY into dirt and water (her nickname is PigPen), he wasn’t too sure about it.Intrigued by the guitar, and once she was won over by the musical instruments…… she spent the rest of the day hanging with “her boys” on the deck.And pushing them in their hammocks.

Can life get better than pickleball, the splash pad, hammocks, playing with daddy and your “boys,” and enjoying God’s creation?  And this is where we work!


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