on your toes

That’s where kids keep you.

We were just saying that our 1-year old son would make us have our first emergency doctor visit. He is WAY more active than our daughter.

We were wrong.
Well, it wasn’t actually an emergency.
Last night SHE leaned over and reached for something on his high chair tray. Then she was face down on the kitchen floor. One of those, “How did that just happen?!” moments. After 5 minutes we were back to playing and dancing.

This morning she still complained about her arm hurting so we took her in. Aha.


Fractured collarbone. I guess if they’re going to hurt something, this is it. No cast. Nothing you can do but Advil and be careful. She was such a tough girl. I’m proud of her.

Here’s to our first visit. 🙂


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