craft: sponge water bombs

Again, saw this somewhere that I can’t remember.
And again, I like picking the easy crafts.
And ones that will keep my kids busy for at least a few minutes.

Sponges (10 for $1 at Dollar Tree!)
Mesh drawer/shelf liner
Zip ties

Cut sponge into four strips.Cut 5 strips of mesh liner; put one inside the 4 pieces of sponge, and one in between each sponge around the outer edge.Put the zip-tie around the middle of all of them.  Pull tight!  Cut off the end of the strip, as close as possible so there isn’t a sharp piece sticking out. 🙂

Done.  Wet, and throw!  Like water balloons but without the cleanup of little rubber pieces. 🙂


2 thoughts on “craft: sponge water bombs

    • Laurie – you don’t have to; it would work just fine with sponges only. I think it adds a fun texture difference and look to it! And, I had a roll of it leftover, so why not? 🙂

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