We celebrated a little early this year.  Our daughter has 2 friends that are near and dear… we did birth classes with their parents, so they’ve spent the last 4 years together, and all of us have worked at Pine Cove at some point in time… Wow, yeah… all 6 of the parents.

We sometimes call the kids the Three Amigos.  They were all born within a month of each other (one, then 2 weeks later another, then 2 weeks later – our daughter).  We’ve been saying for 4 years that we should just do a joint birthday party.  Finally, we did it!

The benefits:
1/3 of the work for each set of parents
We did it at a splash park, which = no one has to clean their own house to host. 🙂
Their friends get a great night playing in the water!

We had quite a grumpy girl on our hands.  Hot. Tired. Nice t-shirt sling.
We just captured the moments as they came.  No edits. 🙂
These are the two friends that celebrated with her.  (on the left)Finally got happy eating her cupcake with daddy!I saw this picture (below) and thought, “Oh my gosh.  I’ve become that mom.”  The one that throws elaborate huge parties for their child that won’t even remember it.  She’s 4 for crying out loud.  But… I’ll defend myself by saying at least we split it 3 ways, right?  And we didn’t spend thousands of dollars.  Not even hundreds.  Okay, no more guilt. She spent the most of the night like this… (as usual)
Playing on the side by herself…. our little introvert.

He spent a lot of time like this.  Silly kid.

Happy Birthday little girl!  You’re growing into quite a young lady and we’re proud of you.  Happy Four!


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