craft: wooden ruler growth chart

I saw this craft somewhere online somewhere. (I’m terrible about that.  I’m not on Pinterest – it would eat me alive – and I don’t bookmark everything, I just remember them.)

So… credit to whomever originally came up with the idea.
I’m an idea stealer.
I searched and found some on Etsy.  $60.

So here’s my secret… If you have a wood burner ($15), a piece of 1″ x 6″ x 6′ lumber ($5), a computer, and some wood sealer or stain (I used leftover) you can make one yourself in an afternoon.  That’s about $20 – if you have to buy the woodburner.  For me, it was about $6 total!

First, find a font that you like for the numbers.  I found one on my computer that looked the most like a traditional school ruler.  I started my ruler at 6″ and went to 6′ 6″, since you’ll want to mount your board a few inches off the ground to avoid your baseboards.

I made my tick marks 1″ long all the way down the board.  Then for every 4th mark, I extended them to 2″ long, and at each foot marker (where the numbers go) I made them 3″ long.  See the placement for the numbers when tracing.  I do ghetto-carbon-tracing, ie – scribbling pencil on the back of paper like in grade-school, then tracing through the front and the pencil transfers to the wood. 🙂Here’s what it looks like after marking all your lines, then woodburning all of them.Next step: Water seal or stain it to the color you want.  I had some leftover Behr water sealer from our playhouse (Natural Color), so I used that.  I loved the color.  Very “school ruler-ish.”She wanted to test it out on the floor.  (P.S. I can’t get over how pretty her eyes are.)
We hung ours here, between baby’s room and the living room doorway.  Find a good place where kids can stand with their back to it… and where guests can see it!

And there you go!  I found the easiest way to mount flush to the wall is put a screw at the top and bottom.  No hangers, wires or strings.  Just measure how far off the ground it should be, mark it, and screw it in.  Done!


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