yogurt jesus

So glad we’re getting a proper grasp on theology these days.  Tonight’s conversation went like this…

“Mom, tell me the story about grace again, where the people were far far away…”

So I proceed to tell her about Adam & Eve, sin, how they were far away from God, and that He wanted them to be close to Him again, so He sent Jesus to die on the cross and pay the penalty (or as I phrased it, “get the whopper”) for us so we could be close to God again.

Then I tell her, “And maybe someday, when you understand about how you disobey and do things wrong, then you’ll…”   Interrupted… “… then you’ll tell Jesus how sorry you are, and that you believe that He died to forgive you so you can be close to Him again.”

Her response:  “Yeah.  So maybe when I wake up in the morning, like 2 o’clock, then I could wake up and maybe He would eat breakfast with me.  And maybe I could share my yogurt with Him.”

Yes.  Sharing is good too.


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