We had 2 big wedding weekends in September.
4+ hours of driving to get to each of them… with 2 small kids.  In hotel rooms.

So, at the first wedding in Austin we had to find something to do to get the wiggles out.

Thank you, Austin Children’s Museum.  One of the best that I’ve been to so far.

Best idea ever.  Sink with beans and peas and measuring containers.  We should do this at home.  Hours of fun!They made us lunch in the play kitchen.  It looked like a set from a cooking show.  Pretty cool.And instead of standing on the floor and playing with the dollhouse, he just wanted to climb the table and sit next to it.  And these were only 1/10th of the activities they had there.  It’s huge!

Then, we had lunch with a good friend who lives in Austin.  She recommended Freddie’s because it has outdoor seating and a playground for kids.  Win.

She found some friends while we ate… just so happens they were ALL boys.Finally, the wedding!  I didn’t get many shots of it, but the venue was beautiful!  Outdoor, perfect weather, and the reception was lovely.  Here’s a peek of the outside venue.  Ponds, rivers, bridges, rock pathways… a kid’s dream when it comes to having to sit still during a wedding. Best of all… they served pizza at the reception!  Yes, pizza.  Why didn’t we think of that?
Next, I guess I’ll highlight the Houston wedding.  Tis the Season!


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