My husband’s office does trick-or-treating for the staff kids on Halloween afternoon.  Perfect for young kids.  We were done by 5, then enjoyed some 50 cent corny dogs at Sonic. (my idea of a perfect day)  Each department at his office does a different theme, some simple, some very elaborate, but all really fun.  This year we had a Rapunzel and a teddy bear.  (His middle name is Barrett, so it fits… although the costume barely fit.  Get it, bear-ly?)

This department did a reading corner and coloring wall for the kids.  Brilliant.The media department (my old stomping ground) did “UP,” and really went overboard. Nice. After the first station (and a piece of candy) he had the Halloween thing figured out.
You give me candy, mom opens it, I eat it… repeat.  Shouldn’t have given him that first one.We dressed up like a mom and dad of 2 kids. 🙂

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