craft: pine cone fire starters

We live in the piney woods of East Texas.
Lots of pine cones.

They are beautiful, festive, Christmas-y… and they junk up the yard, especially when my husband wants to mow.  We’ve decided that picking up pine cones could be a punishment for our kids when they’re old enough – there are so many of them.

So why not make something out of them.  I saw a couple of methods of making these here and here but I am too simple (lazy) for complicated instructions.
Enter, my method.
This saves you from having to buy candle wax plus scented oils, and I don’t have a wax-melter thingy or know how to make a proper double-boiler, so this is my closest guess.

I had leftover vanilla votives from who-knows-what.  The kind with the metal tab underneath that holds the wick in place.

Step 1: Pull the wick out through the bottom.
Step 2: Put a little bit of water in the bottom of a (small) crockpot.  Line the crockpot with foil – making sure not to have any “leak” spaces.
Step 3: Turn crockpot on high and put votives inside the foil.  Melt.
Step 4: Stick the wick inside a cupcake paper (mine were heavy duty so I didn’t even use a pan), pour or spoon melted wax into the paper and stick a pine cone on top.
Step 5: Let harden.  Remove paper.

I’ll probably tuck the wick inside the pine cone a little more to help it catch fire too.  I’m also thinking you could just leave them in the cupcake paper and just light that on fire?  That’s about it!  I’m excited to get some other “flavors” and try some more.  Red, green… I think I have some chocolate candles somewhere too… mmm.


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