craft: hand-painted tree skirt

10 years of marriage, and this is our first Christmas tree in our house.
First, we lived in a small apartment, then we moved, then we got a puppy (no tree), then we had a newborn (no tree)… and here we are 5 years later.

We got our tree up and I realized why people have tree skirts.
It’s not for putting presents on.  It’s for covering up ugly cords.

So, if you’re gonna have one, it might as well be one you like.
Clearly, I had to make one.  🙂

Canvas drop cloth (mine was leftover, but you can get them at Walmart or hardware stores)
$1 acrylic paints from any craft store
Computer printout of what you want to transfer (my patterns are linked at the bottom)
Carbon paper for tracing
Sewing machine / matching thread

First, I made a digital pattern for the skirt.  I had to print it out and piece together from 8.5×11 sheets of paper.  Then I cut the 8 panels I would need.TreeSkirt1Then I sewed all the panels together to make a circle.  TreeSkirt2When cutting/sewing the panels, I used the original seam from the edge of the drop cloth to be my closing point, so it would have a really nice edge.TreeSkirt3Then I hemmed the inside and outside round edges.  That’s the easy part. 🙂
Then I printed the design I wanted and had to piece together the paper sheets.  Using the carbon paper, I traced the design onto the fabric.  I wanted to do my favorite Christmas verse, Luke 2:11, but you could do any phrase or design.  I added some swirls too, and painted the whole edge with a 2″ border ring.
TreeSkirt4TreeSkirt5And there you have it!  The painting took the longest, but if you can color (paint) inside the lines, you should be good!FinishedSkirtTreeSkirt6



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