2nd annual gingerbread houses

Better late than never…
Last year we started the tradition in our house of making gingerbread houses with the kiddos.  My mom and I used to make them every year that I can remember growing up.  When we were older, we helped the younger kids make them. (see here)

So, this year was the 2nd annual gingerbread-making party.  Our little friends were sick this year, so we delivered the pieces to their house so they could build them whenever they wanted.

My mom made cutout patterns out of a manila file folder – greased with butter so it doesn’t stick to the gingerbread – and I still have it.  If you’re looking for a size pattern, here you go… scanned straight from the original.
GingerbreadHouseTemplateThis year’s houses…

IMG_8576s IMG_8583s IMG_8584s“You!  Get me more M&M’s!”IMG_8586s IMG_8589s IMG_8592s

We gave a couple of the houses to the firemen at the local fire station!
They gave us a quick tour of the station and the trucks.  Little guy wasn’t too sure about it.IMG_8600s IMG_8602sMerry Christmas, Happy New Year, and until next year!


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