seatbelt cowboy

It was our last day of Bible study for the semester, so of course… I got pulled over for speeding on my way home.  Explain that one to the cop. “Sir, I was just leaving Bible study, and…”

But I didn’t have to, because my four-year old daughter saved me – unprompted.
(pulled over by East Texas cop, wearing a cowboy hat)

Cop:  Howdy ma’am.  How are you today?
Me:  I’m fine, thanks.
Cop: Where are you trying to get to?
Me:  We’re just driving home.  Sorry, I didn’t realize how fast I was going.

(Insert daughter who rolls down her back window)

Daughter: I’m wearing my seatbelt!

(Insert sigh of relief as I realize that there’s NO WAY this guy can give me a ticket after that)

Cop: I see that you’re wearing your seatbelt. That’s very good.  Have you been good?  Did you write a letter to Santa?

(oh yeah, no ticket)

Daughter: No.

Cop: What do you want for Christmas?
Daughter: The puzzle guys that look like animals and you put them together like a puzzle.
Cop:  Uh huh.  And what do you think Bubba wants?
Daughter: Um, a stick horse.
Cop:  That sounds like fun. (holding my license)  So, there’s nothing wrong with your license?
Me: Uh, no?
Cop:  I mean, I won’t go run it and find that you’ve been stopped on this road 15 times for speeding?
Me: No sir.
Cop:  K, I’ll be right back.  (comes back with license)  Here you go.  It’s just a warning.  Have a nice day.

(pulling away)

Daughter: Mom, that wasn’t a policeman.  That was a cowboy.

So, thank you, cowboy, for not giving me a ticket, and thank you, awesome daughter who totally got me off the hook. 🙂


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