date night, forge style

Thursday nights are date nights.  Matt’s students come over and babysit for us, 3 at a time, and let us go enjoy some adult conversation… which more often than not means sitting in silence at a restaurant for a while – and enjoying the QUIET.

Two weeks ago, our students told us that they were planning our date for us.  Cool.  Except that there was the lingering thought… “This could be really cool… or really lame.”

Three students came over to babysit, then a few minutes later, two students arrived to pick us up and drive us to the date, dressed very nicely, opened the car doors for us, and even had a car playlist of music for us. (Okay, this could be really cool…)

We arrived at the dining hall at camp and found this…photo 3s photo 7s photo 8s photo 9sThis could be REALLY cool…

Two “waiters” greeted us and seated us at our table (“Hidalgo” and “Priscilla”… apparently it was an international restaurant), while some live music entertained us, compliments of 4 of the other students. (good too!)  They had is set up perfectly – close enough for us to hear them, far enough that we could enjoy good conversation without feeling like they were eavesdropping. 🙂photo 11sThe dinner was fabulous – chicken and shrimp alfredo, in a bowl as big as my head.  Sooo good.  Then, the biggest pazookie (ice cream on top of a hot gooey chocolate chip cookie) I’ve ever seen came out of the kitchen.  Also, soooo good.  We said we couldn’t eat it all.
We did.

photo 1s photo 2s

While we ate dessert, 2 things happened: first, one of the girls came out and read love poems and quotes to us, THEN the cooks and a few of the other students came out of the kitchen and performed an interpretive dance to “I Want it That Way,” completing the entertainment for the night.   Then the musicians invited us to the dance floor and we enjoyed a couple of slow dances together.

I just want to brag on how awesome they were, from beginning to end.  No other class of students has done anything like this – we felt so honored, and commented on what a cool job my husband has, that his students would think to, plan and execute such a night with excellence (and humor!).  It was the perfect evening.  We love you guys!  Thanks for blessing us with an unforgettable date night!


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