“moving” on

Our bestie friends and next door neighbors moved away yesterday.  We’ll still see them – they’re going to work at our other camp location near Columbus, TX,  so we’re not really losing them as friends…

But friends, and next-door-neighbor-friends are two different things.photo 2

I was in denial about the whole thing until after they pulled away in the UHaul. Then 2 hours later, I wanted to borrow some spices, and see what they were up to for dinner, and if they wanted to play with all the kids in the backyard and… that’s when it became real.  Their house is empty.  They’re not in their backyard grilling out, where we can look over our fence and say hi.  Or, can I borrow a cup of sugar?  Or, can you watch my kids for 20 minutes while I run an errand?  Or, do you guys wanna order pizza – I don’t feel like cooking either?photo 6 photo 7

You see, cause they were these neighbors.  And these neighbors.  Our kids literally grew up together (well, until ages 4 and 1 1/2) – they’ve never known life without each other.
IMG_2039s IMG_2092sIMG_7315sWe babysat each others kids.  They borrowed our riding lawnmower, in return for doing the maintenance on it.  They offered their hot grill for us to throw meat on whenever they were grilling.  Charis and I made it through many evenings of whiny kids together, while waiting for our men to get home from work. We dog-sat for each other countless times.  We cooked with each other, swam with each other, picnicked in the front yard with each other, had bonfires with each other, put up Christmas trees with each other, cleaned house with each other.1_982s 1_976s 1_983s

We shared our struggles and triumphs and heartaches and worries and cookies with each other. 🙂
We did life together.

photo 4

photo 3 photo 5

Jeff – Charis – we miss you dearly already.
I wanted to plan another meal swap today, and realized that chapter is closed.  But the new chapter for you is going to be a good one.  They are SO blessed to have both of you… if they don’t know it already, they’ll learn it first thing tomorrow!


Our “last night together” pizza party

I think Scripture is just right when it says that we need one another.  I don’t know if we’ll ever have that neighborly bond again with another family.
But we’ll sure try.
It was certainly worth it.


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