livin’ the dream

The weather is beautiful.
We’ve played outside every afternoon this week.

Today, I sat on our retaining wall, watching the kids play.
She says, “Can I lay down in the grass and look at the moon?”
(she’s already dirty)  “Sure, sweetie.”

I sit watching her, hands behind her head, looking up at the sky.  Little Guy comes by with his baby push mower and walks back and forth between us.  I think, “Don’t forget this moment. Take a mental picture. Remember what they look like, what they’re doing at this age…”

Surprisingly, she says, “Do you want to take a picture, mom?”
“I sure do.  I don’t have my camera with me… but I sure wish I did.”
“You just have to use your imagination and pretend to take a picture, mom.”

I’m trying, sweetie.  I’m trying.


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