craft: t-shirt skirt

I’ve made a couple of t-shirt quilts over the years, and was left with random pieces of cut-up shirts: the sleeves, the bottoms, and other strips.

Finally decided to do something with the leftovers.  They looked perfect for a layered girls’ skirt, like you’d get at Walmart or Target, and I could combine colors and layer them how I wanted.

Sorry I don’t have a full tutorial here, but it really was easy enough to just eyeball it and do it.  I used the bottom strip of 3 t-shirts for each skirt – I had about a 6-8″ strip from the bottom of each shirt.  I layered them with the colors stacked like I wanted, then machine-sewed each piece to the piece above it, putting my stitch along the original hem of the shirt so it didn’t show very 3

It was fine that the circumference of each shirt strip wasn’t the same, I just stretched the  the shorter strip as I sewed, so it would pucker and accommodate the longer strip.  It added some nice ruffle to the edge.

Then I sewed a band of elastic into the waist, folding the top over the elastic.

Voila!  Easy… and free.  I took the leftover t-shirt fabric and made flowers to put on the skirt, and a few extra for hair clips to match.  photo 2

They may not last through the summer, but hey… I had fun, and again, they were FREE!photo 1


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