we have a graduate

Okay, so I was always the person that thought, “Kindergarten graduation?  How silly.  They’re just moving from one grade to the other.”

But… when it was my own kid, I was totally excited to go to PRE-SCHOOL graduation.  Ha!  I’m talking, one-day-a-week, Parent’s Day Out graduation.

So worth it.  They were hysterical!  I’m so glad we both got to attend – the caps and gowns … oh man, those photos are going in her wedding slideshow.  (or maybe when she’s valedictorian, right?)

Here’s the beginning of the year:

IMG_3601sAnd the end:

IMG_9701sIMG_9710s IMG_9717s IMG_9721s IMG_9728sIMG_9731sShe’s been with these friends from the very beginning.  I hope they get to grow up together.  What if we had a high school graduation photo with all three of these kiddos?!


I’m so proud of this little girl.  I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for her.


3 thoughts on “we have a graduate

  1. Delightful! I don’t know which made me smile more: the hug with Daddy, the cap over the eyes/looking up photo with the buddies, or your precious words. Thank you for sharing.

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